Immediately after sport and in case of skin problems!

Our cannabidiol green sports cream (CBD), whose muscle relaxant, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties have already conquered thousands of amateur and professional sportsmen!

Because? Applied after sports, it helps the muscles to relax, facilitating and significantly reducing recovery times. Forget that ugly feeling of stiffness and pain associated with intense workouts and efforts, and be ready to go again without difficulty!

Furthermore, if you find yourself fighting skin irritation related to rubbing, adverse weather conditions, or insect bites, rashes and redness, our cream helps to immediately reduce aches and pains and helps the skin to quickly return to a state of balance!

Our must have, to always carry with you during any workout or outing!

For athletes who are not satisfied with a good performance: our pre and post routine is specially designed to allow you to reach maximum performance and halve your recovery times

The red sport cream with capsaicin combines all the pain-relieving and warming properties of capsaicin with the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD.

It is therefore perfect for fighting pain and inflammatory states of the musculoskeletal system. Spread a light veil at regular intervals (every 4 hours) on the painful areas, and feel the improvements in cases of back pain, neck pain, tendonitis, sprains and strains!

In addition, many sportspeople spread a veil over the muscle area involved before physical activity: by deeply heating the muscles and activating the microcirculation, it facilitates resistance to effort and muscle response!

Seeing is believing: you won't do without it anymore!


Stefano LA (Stefano La Mastra)

Cyclist and multidisciplinary athlete, he practices performance of maximum resistance and fatigue by combining cycling with climbing.

I have been using cannabidiol cream for over a year practically every day after physical activity for muscle recovery. Miraculous !!! Really guys this cream is M-I-R-A-C-U-L-O-U-S!!! If necessary, when some pain comes out, I put a veil of capsaicin, a real godsend in these cases. So, what can I say, use Cbd Cream and take care of your body which is the only really important thing: if you can consistently integrate them into your routine, just like we do with supplements and training sessions, the results will not be lacking!

Riccardo Daniele

Professional Fixed Gear and Tandem Athlete.

I've been riding my bike forever, but I only started using Cbd Cream capsaicin a year ago. I wear it every time I go out on my bike on my legs, on the lower back, on the neck of my feet and I can no longer do without it. In winter, I use it even before going to work: working outside it is of great help to combat the cold and the problems caused by low temperatures. Capsaicin really changed my life! I use green CBD cream with cannobidiol after every workout, it brings a lot of relief to my legs, leaving them ready for another session the next day. For someone like me who always works standing up it is very important to recover as soon as possible!

Filippo Stabile

Istruttore e coach di MMA, cintura nera di Brazilian Ju Jitsu e Ju Jitsu, master in Grappling, coach di Muay Thai, con diverse qualifiche militari come istruttore di difesa personale e disarmo.

If the details make the difference, especially in high-level sports, you can't do without CBD Cream. I have tested it in different situations and the results are phenomenal!
I use CBD Cream products because they are very performing in the preparatory and functional phase of the performance. Furthermore, the red cream is effective as a vasodilator and gives a sensation of heat, reactivating the microcirculation and preparing the body for intense efforts with extreme ease. Post-workout, the green cream has shown great anti-inflammatory and muscle recovery abilities never seen before! "

Leo White (Eugenio Bianchi)

Winter Triathlon, OCR and Spartanrace athlete.

I have been using cbdcream for a couple of years. I apply the green cannabidiol cream especially on the legs: before and after the activity I always put a veil on the entire muscle surface and despite the efforts I put them to I always have a feeling of lightness. Instead, I use it with capsaicin for localized pain: used at regular intervals, in a couple of days it has always given me great benefit, especially in the back.
In addition, before competitions I always use the capsaicin red, I always carry it with me in the presport package: it helps me prepare my muscles for action and to better tackle the competition on a muscular level.

Endurista da Bosco (Alessandro Radice)

Enduro rider, reigning 300cc Class Champion KTM Trophy and owner of the Instagram page Enduro da bosco (EDB).

I met Cbd Cream a year ago, and have been using it every time I jump on my bike ever since. Capsaicin is super functional for warming arms, hands, legs and back in winter, while in summer it is excellent to use in areas where there is some pain to vascularize the area and not feel it. I use the cannabidiol cream pre and post workout, a veil is enough to feel muscle lightness. When I put it on at the end of the session, it helps me to regenerate and I can get back in the saddle the next day without experiencing the fatigue of the previous day.
I recommend everyone to try them: guys TRY TO BELIEVE!

Leonardo Migot
Leonardo Migot

CrossFit athlete and instructor.

I spend most of my day in the gym to train and train other people, which is why my body is always subjected to a lot of stress and commitment from a muscular point of view. For a year I have been integrating Cbd Cream into my daily routine, and I notice that my recovery has improved dramatically, with much shorter times. In case of localized inflammation I apply the red cream before going to sleep and in the morning I wake up as new, while in the case of more persistent pains, I apply a little but more frequently. I use the Greengold line because I perceive greater well-being both at a muscular and tendon level.

Lorenzo Di Vara
Lorenzo Di Vara

Muay Thai master and professional athlete.

I have been using CBDCREAM for just over 6 months: they are exceptional products that completely revolutionize the training routine from warm-up to muscle recovery. I have always used pre and post training creams and oils over the years but none like CBD CREAM has ever managed to amaze me. Capsaicin is a real fire that ignites with movement and goes out one hour after the end of the workout. The capsaicin cream helps me a lot for muscle pains, bruises, tears, cramps and all the problems related to my sport.

Francesco Izzo
Francesco Izzo

Professional bowman of offshore sailing.

I am a professional bowman and I discovered CBD Cream by seeing some colleagues who used it during regattas. The red capsaicin cream is perfect before starting the night shift: it keeps the muscles warm and reactive in case of need, where loads and efforts can be very important. Furthermore, I always use it in case of sprains, muscle and joint pains because it is able to give me great relief! The green cream, on the other hand, I use every time I train, both on the boat and in the gym, at the end of the activity: it can relax the muscles and allows me to be ready and relaxed again the next day!

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