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I'm Filippo Stabile, MMA head coach, Bjj / grappling black belt, Muay thai coach, Self defense instructor, Strength & conditioning coach and Weapons and tactics instructor.

“If the details make the difference, especially in high-level sports, you can't do without CBD Cream. I have tested it in different situations and the results are phenomenal! "


“I use CBD Cream products because they are very performing in the preparatory and functional phase of the service. Furthermore, it is effective as a vasodilator and gives a sensation of heat, reactivating the microcirculation that prepares the body for intense efforts with extreme ease. Post-workout has shown great anti-inflammatory and muscle recovery abilities never seen before! "

I'm Leo White, WinterTriathlon, Ocr and Spartanrace athlete. I have been using CBD Cream for over a year.

“I apply cannabidiol cream mainly on the legs.
Before and after the activity I always put a veil on the entire muscle surface and despite the efforts I put them to I always have a feeling of lightness.

I use cbdcream with capsaicin for localized pain, it has always given me benefit especially on the back.

Before competitions I always use capsaicin, I always carry it with me in the presport pack, it helps me to prepare my muscles for action and to face the competition in the best possible way.


I am Alessandro Radice, Enduro rider, reigning champion in the 300cc KTM Trophy class and owner of the Instagram page Enduro da bosco.

"I met CBDCREAM a year ago and have been using it every time I jump on my bike ever since."

I use cannabidiol cream pre and post workout, a veil is enough to feel muscle lightness. At the end of the session it helps me to regenerate and I can get back on the saddle the next day without complaining about the previous day. I also use Capsaicin, super functional to warm arms, hands, legs and back in winter, while in summer it is excellent to put in areas where there is some "pain" to vascularize the area and not feel it. I recommend everyone to try them, guys TRY TO BELIEVE!

Hi, I'm Leonardo Migot, I'm an athlete and a CrossFit instructor.

"I spend most of my day in the gym to train and train other people, so my body is always subjected to a lot of stress and commitment from a muscular point of view."

I have been using CBDCREAM for over a year and I notice that my recovery has improved significantly, with much shorter time frames.

In case of localized inflammation I apply the cream before going to sleep and in the morning I wake up like new.

I use the Greengold line because I perceive greater well-being both at a muscular and tendon level.

I'm Lorenzo Di Vara, Muai Thai teacher and professional athlete. I have been using CBDCREAM for about 6 months.

"Exceptional products that completely revolutionize the training routine from warm-up to muscle recovery."

I have always used pre and post training creams and oils over the years but none like CBD CREAM has ever managed to amaze me. Capsaicin is a real fire that ignites with movement and goes out one hour after the end of the workout.

CBDCREAM Greengold helps me a lot for muscle pains, bruises, tears, cramps and all the problems related to my sport.