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CBD stands out for its anti-inflammatory and relaxing effect, efficient both to cope with anxiety and to induce muscle relaxation helpful in the treatment of chronic pains. There are studies showing that CBD helps regulate the sleep-wake cycle by interacting with other substances such as melatonin.

In cosmetics, CBD is used for its antioxidant and anti-aging properties, it is associated with hemp oil which is naturally rich in Linoleic Acid and Omega3, stimulants of Elastin fibers making a healthier and brighter skin. The two beneficial elements have calming, antioxidant and moisturizing properties. They rebalance the skin PH and they are a valid ally in counteracting the harmful activity of Free Radicals.

Our formulation is useful for rebalancing, protecting, calming, elasticizing and moisturizing the skin. We work grounding on the needs and the consumer’s requirements. We take into great consideration, and we appreciate, your comments, through which our research, always innovative, finds new ideas to meet your needs, the feedback from our customers is essential in order to improve our future strategies.


There are only natural and top quality products at the heart of our CBD CREAM production, first of all the GMP which is CBD certified, pharmaceutical standard. This allows us to make our CBD CREAM high-performing and maintain the highest quality standards. We meticulously test our creams, before the products are sold, in order to be sure that they do not contain contaminants such as heavy metals, but above all we guarantee that the concentrations of CBD remain homogeneous from package to package and that the information we provide are the most accurate. Our continuous research has the aim of bringing us constantly closer to the needs of our audience, always developing new products.

the line (the collection)

There are only natural and top quality products at the heart of our production of CBD CREAM, first and foremost CBD with is extracted from certified plants grown in a state-of-the-art facility without using chemicals and pesticides; CBD extraction takes place in our supportive laboratory with the latest generation machinery allowing the elements splitting present in the plant.

We take all the necessary measures to optimize results in every phase of the production process, the highest quality standards dictated by innovative scientific methods in full compliance with current legislation.

We test and analyse the concentrations of CBD and other compounds in our laboratories to obtain products with the maximum available potential.

Our CBD CREAM have a soothing effect and soften the skin, supporting targeted action where it is most needed, penetrating deeply into the skin with a high performing calming action proper to the cannabidiol.

Therefore CBD is absorbed by cells and tissues that need it, without interference.
The internal quality control allows us to select and utilize exclusively almost pure CBD to ensure that all CBD properties can make our CBD high performance CREAM.

It has been found that CBD, with its calming, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory qualities, is a powerful ally in several ailments such as acne, eczema of various kinds and generally in skin degenerations. Without the heavy chemicals present in other creams, it fights the triggering causes (antibacterial action), the painful itches (calming action), the inflammatory and painful states (anti-inflammatory action).

Several times topical applications a day over the entire affected area (taking care to have the well cleansed skin) help to nourish and regenerate the skin without containing any chemical or synthetic additives.

The different formulated creams implement the miraculous qualities of the CBD, maximizing results

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